Pomoca PomocUP – The Skimo Device

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The Pomocup is based on movement sensors, the device to analyze and understand all your ski touring moves.

Pomocup is the first smart device conceived by and for ski tourers. Easy and practical, the device is placed with a secure magnet on the ski and measures your ski touring data! Your touring data is then transmitted in real-time to your smartphone. After your tour, analyze your performance in greater detail via the Skilog web interface.

Pomocup was born from a partnership between POMOCA and Gait Up, a spin-off from the EPFL (Technical University of Lausanne, Switzerland) with 15 years’ experience in motion analysis for medical and sports industries. What better partnership than two industry leaders!

Pomocup contains several sensors: 3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope, thermometer and barometer which collect a whopping 1200 data points per second. With this data, and thanks to the advanced algorithms from Gait Up, Pomocup calculates multiple features simultaneously.

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Vikt 34 gram

Tour Data:

· Total time of the tour
· Total distance of the tour
· Temperature
· Altitude
· Slope angle
· Total ascent/descent
· Vertical speed


· Cadence
· Number of steps
· Stride length
· % Glide/Grip
· Power
· Leg symmetry (2 Pomocups required)

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